Welcome to “Colazione da Augusta”

First of all, we introduce ourselves.

I am Roberta and this my partner Enrico, we are passionate about travels and gastronomy. We brought with us something from every country we visited together: memories, smells, scents, tastes, and experiences.

We opened  “Colazione da Augusta” Bed&Breakfast because we cultivate the passion for discoveries and sharing even here, at home. We believe in the meeting between people and we are convinced that living together with others, opening up to the cultures of everybody and to the traditions other than ours, is a unique opportunity of knowledge, personal enrichment and growth.

We like walking along the Po river on Sunday morning and we like chatting, even more while eating in company.

If you are looking for a B&B in Turin with a familiar atmosphere, then this is “your” place: a perfect solution for those who wish a stay immersed in the quietness and in the nature, without renouncing to the opportunities offered by the city.

That’s us

RobertaRely on me, you will not regret it.
I have lived my childhood in Brazil and since then I have never stopped travelling. I am enthusiast, creative and proactive; I adore getting to know new people, cultures, and languages from whatever part of the world they come. What do I like? Making objects with my hands, such as jewels and bags, all of them made out of recycled materials. When I am not travelling or I am not here with you, I work as a shop assistant in a coffee shop at Chieri.
EnricoThe “Colazione” (breakfast) at Agusta's? 'c’est moi'.
My work is in the information technology sector, but my passions are wines and good cuisine. I like creating new dishes and amazing even the most demanding palates by using ingredients and spices tracked down around the world. My specialty? Desserts. For this reason, I pamper guests of our B&B with genuine breakfasts made with care. A journey into the world of taste, for a stay with an “extra mile”.